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Minor Tantrums

by Lifted Bells

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Follow Me 04:39
Awake, young lover Only ever undercover Isn’t there someplace you need to be? Get up and wander Tell me, what spell are you under? Do you feel comfort in slumber? Follow me and we’ll fall down the stairs Do you hear the melody clear? Then get behind your golden boy Follow him blindly to the sirens We steer without fear Let’s ride beside the golden boy Beside your boy Support your local golden boy And if I do nothing, will anything happen? (please do nothing, golden boy) And if I don’t go there, will we get there? (please do go there, golden boy) And if I just sleep will any dreams come true? (be our dream come true) If I just keep quiet, will I keep you? Follow me and we’ll fall down the stairs We want, so we work, so we wait We want, so we work, so we wait, so we wane.
I know my body It’s odd and slow and steady You could say we have an understanding Get up, get ready But if I’m standing up long enough for myself I’m bound to fall down So catch me, softly, ground Together we fit, we get inevitably devilish Together we fit, we get inevitable devil I know your body it’s a beautiful fickle machine Luckily we’ve got the wine to keep it running Undemure hummingbird, full force in faux fur A future of fire, misfortune, desire and torture Maybe next year we might dare consider Insurance, some doctor visits -ologists and analysts to sit and listen Maybe posit up a positive position for once Dance with the red dunce, get on the floor Dance with the red dunce, get down on the floor Dance with red dunce Just once Together we fit, we get inevitably devilish Together we fit, we get inevitable devil I know my body, it’s odd and slow and steady You could say we have an understanding I know your body, it’s odd to see it standing We know our bodies They’re all we know.
Let’s say we reach No plan of which to speak We take wing and drink On TV a country runs efficiently But I think you’re an evil genius A villainess, a venus Let no body come between us Unless we feel we have to feel it Unless we just need it Even if they try Even if we barely bat an eye No one can save us I know your name and may I ask We crank it full blast? Cause I need no bleed from my past Are we content with all this fucking content? How many lives have we spent Differently than what we let our circles see? Happiness be Back to Black, Back in Black, back to back, every track “Rehab” down to “Rock and Roll…” Here at last, “Motion Picture Soundtrack,” take me back Drop up top to “Rockin’ Stroll” “And it Stoned Me” to my soul Even if they try Even if we barely bat an eye No one can save us I know your name and I demand We slam it to the Neve Because I need to no bleed.
When I listen to my lid It gets a bit specific A bit unsound I’ve been alone in lots a lot On the phone popping around It keeps me grounded But it keeps me down So I play nice I never liked the blues Untii I learned it at folk school In my mixolydian mood It ruled and then the teacher got cruel He saw right through me So I paid him all the money To fake it for awhile And feel dumb and strum and smile But I play nice They say boys don’t cry Maybe they lie It was all my fault for dancing unmasked What is glass? It was all my fault for not acting as I was asked I’m sorry I fucked The Cure It was cause of the kid in the choir I’m sorry I screwed your solo It was capo’d how would I know? I’m sorry I sang the wrong words I was nervous, full of bourbon I’m sorry I’m still learning They say boys don’t cry Maybe they lie.
Three Doves 03:22
This play is crazy In a way it slays me It feels a little complex Then it gives me one See, I lay in waiting And it didn’t take too long For my cover to be completely gone I gathered the legs in my lap and turned on Let’s all regress to improper parts of the past To weather this wonderful mess Who were we then? Heads and vinyl spinning Swimming into the room Come on let’s move Who are we now? Were you mentioning This will put us in a difficult position? I wasn’t listening What are you into? Will this do? Who will we be now? So we played crazy I got buzzed on too much touch And too much love Now it all sucks cause I’m an expectant dove That needs to be covered, consoled And smothered in hugs And laid down, lay we all down Laid down, lay we all down Let down, may we all drown tonight Goodnight D’angelo, I ain’t that easy Goodnight and good luck with nothing, lovers Ain’t that easy? Goodnight D’angelo, I ain’t that easy Ease me, it’s easy, so go easy.
I was left at the little metal club So I left and followed Rachel up And she led me To the cats of the cemetery I froze up to see Who waited for me patiently Was I ready to disappear? Is it really this easy? So many things impeding other things So many moving pieces moving me Hey wait, this one is speaking In between the rotting flowers For me this simple text: “Stop wasting all your hours On micro-decisions with zero consequence” Oh please, come peace Come alive and release What relief, I’m complete Oh please, come peace Come alive and release What relief, be complete I listened up I put the petals deep in my pocket I wrote the words into a song So how long have I been doing this all wrong? I know you like me confident Been told you want me strong But I’ve been feeling oh so weak for oh so long Oh please, come peace Come alive and release What relief, I’m complete For now just turn around and run away.
Who won? I wasn’t paying attention The lead I believe was a hot streak In my direction Who won? Who won? I was busy filtering my feelings And protecting my ears and eyes Like fragile little children Who won? So here we are with heavy hearts On my beloved charts Fortunate son at #1 With a bullet and gun Who won? Break it to me gently Oh I see now the key now is somehow Fame and money and greed So can we escape fate Or do you feel it’s too late? Can we escape fate? Oh great, it’s too late Feel responsible? Then fall in Feel irresponsible? Then fall out and Be all about the fallout Avert your eyes if it makes you upset That’s about as selfish as you can get You could be president Who won? I was not paying attention Who won? No one.
Tragedy Gold 02:57
Aren’t we so terribly happy? Like, isn’t this sunshine something? Since we came to be, we’ve been buzzing Writing absolutely nothing I spent the bulk of 1993 Penning poems to girls in Germany And I swear there were good lyrics there Anyone here get one from me? Please share Size of the 9th, oh my life Gold again Hurry and type up this fight Gold again Alive in 2005 When you were Jenny from “I Like the Lights” Pretty much every night And you only stopped raging to write Only in sickness, never in health Gold again Only for poorer, glorious horror Gold again The worse the weather, the sorry the scene Gold again Listen and see what I mean Now we feel durable Isn’t that adorable? And in a little while We’ll get a little wild. Gold Tragedy gold.
Just before the jeopardy All pain could be relieved with melody I’d appreciate escape But now it feels irresponsible and lazy So live beyond your means and die guilt-free It’s never been this easy Don’t you miss the pleasant bliss of pedestria? Reminisce on its incessant blessed hiss I recall the dull sweet lull of it all I miss the painlessness of pedestria I miss the gentle lift of pedestria I’ll miss the saccharine hits of pedestria I lament the lost potential in pedestria How I miss my optimistic pedestria
Baby come here If I may lift you Miss Labelle You’d understand the advantages well Billie, stop crying and sing Baby come near If I may ask you serious dear Is that really a tear in them there? Billie, stop crying and sing Cause when you do That’s when I believe you That’s when the medicine’s sent in to relieve you Sing a little song of joy for your best boy Shotgun riding beside, always all mine Your low hum it haunts me It’s never too late to let go I know, but I won’t Don’t hang up the phone Cause I’m in crazy mad love with the drone It’s warm and it’s fuzzy like home Baby come up You’ve been living in your head enough Show us what you’re capable of Stop crying and sing Baby come on May I remind you, the mic’s warm The band’s been high since 1959 So stop crying and sing Billie, stop crying and sing (I fell in love with you the first time I looked into) Stop crying and sing.


For Lifted Bells, creating their new album was a form of catharsis. ‘Minor Tantrums,’ their first full-length on Run For Cover Records, comes out on March 30th. The album’s name is referential to vocalist Bob Nanna’s description of the band’s music: “there is definitely a frenetic, get-things-off-your-chest quality to the album…you let it out, you feel a little better, then you get on with it.” The new LP serves as a perfect introduction to the band for all of those unacquainted with the Chicago band’s dynamic blend of mathy instrumentals and poetic emotion and insight.

As hectic as the band’s music can be at times, Lifted Bells’ process for writing and recording ‘Minor Tantrums’ was quite controlled. Each member of Lifted Bells plays in multiple projects (such as Braid, Their/They’re/There, and Pacemaker) and three members are audio engineers, so recording has always been an insular process for the group. For their first full-length, the band holed up in Bloomington, Indiana’s Russian Recordings with a few friends, some beer and the three cats that live in the studio. This allowed, as guitarist Matthew Frank says, the band to have “complete freedom to work in our own creative space.” The result of this closed-in recording process allowed the band to expand on every part of their dynamic sound. While “Inevitable Devil” and “Three Doves” both showcase the band’s intricately-laced dueling guitar riffs, songs like “Cemetery Cats” and “Choir Sings The Cure” also allow vocalist Bob Nanna’s vocals to take center stage backed by more delay and modulation.

‘Minor Tantrums’ is not without it’s share of turmoil, though. The record’s smooth recording process contrasts with the general feeling of unrest that overshadowed the entire country during its creation. “The ghost of 2016 definitely looms large over the record,” Nanna says. “The catastrophe of the election seemed to unravel other normally stable aspects of everyday life and make me question things in a way that I haven’t done since I was first getting into punk rock.” Still, even as chaos and uncertainty serve as a backdrop for these songs, the overarching theme of the record is not pessimistic. Songs like “Tragedy Gold” and album closer “Stop Crying and Sing” focus on finding the best parts of terrible situations, and turning them into something beautiful and worthwhile - a thesis that ties ‘Minor Tantrums’ into one cathartic whole.


released March 30, 2018

Recorded by Lifted Bells at Russian Recording in Bloomington, Indiana
Additional Recording at Atlas Studios, Castle Grindr and Type 1 in Chicago, Illinois
Mixed by Matt Jordan
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House

Cover by Jade Downer
Layout and Design by Andy Hendricks
Photography by Seth Engel

Spoken Word on "Follow Me" and "Stop Crying And Sing" by Eva Bo
Cello on "Miss Pedestria" by Joey Frank

All Songs Written and Performed by Lifted Bells
Kissed Like This Music (SESAC)
Uncomfortably Muscular (BMI)


all rights reserved



Lifted Bells Chicago, Illinois

Members of Braid, Their / They're / There, Coaster and
Stay Ahead of The Weather

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